Liquid Stranger is starting the year strong with his new EP release, “Unity,”  which is out through SSKWAN. He has been a staple of the bass scene for years with his forward-thinking approach to bass music, starting the legendary label WAKAAN, and securing his place on the festival circuit; he has upcoming performances at EDC Mexico, Lightning in a Bottle, North Coast Music Festival, and many, many more.

Over the years, Liquid Stranger has made a name for himself through his ability to fluidly shift between different styles and genres, from heavy dubstep to melodic tunes. Breaking barriers between genres, he always brings a knack for story-telling and excitement throughout all his releases. He’s been able to stand out from the crowd by carving out his own lane, all while building up other artists’ careers in the process by playing out their music, bringing them on tour, and releasing their music on SSKWAN and WAKAAN.

The EP’s first track, “Free Range”, is glitchy, euphoric, with mellow textures, and atmospheric. It truly matches the name as its a freeform bass track and showcases Liquid Stranger’s experimental style. Liquid brings in classic dub drums, with lush, spacey pads that create the sense of being in a huge open space.

“Smoke n Hope,”  the EP’s single, featuring vocalist J. Lauryn, starts off with an acoustic guitar intro, with unexpected experimental fills that keep the listener tuned in. The reggae-influenced vocals are top-tier and mix really well with the skank rhythm synth in the background. This is such a relaxing tune and immerses the listener into another world.

“Moon Rover” carries the theme of the last track with an acoustic guitar intro and ethereal vocals in the background. The song combines more down-to-earth elements and instruments with the classic spacey Liquid Stranger sound we all know and love. He brings in a deep bass line and ear candy that is reminiscent of other classic tunes of his like “Bombaclaad Star” and “Snow Melt while integrating all the ways he has evolved as an artist since those tracks came out.

“Event Horizon” is an extremely innovative tune that incorporates a genuinely unique sound design. It’s clear that Liquid Stranger is continuing to build his own sound without emulating other artists, and staying true to his own authentic style. The tune is psychedelic and brings in blissful melodic elements beautifully as well.

The EP’s closing track, “Arizona” weaves in the ethereal, spacey theme that goes throughout the rest of the “Unity” EP. The vocal production is next level and the tune provides a smooth resolution to the EP.

“Unity,” as a whole, is flawlessly produced and gives a distinct, dreamy vibe that is sure to satisfy Liquid Stranger’s fans, whether they prefer up or downtempo.

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