UK-based DnB producer Rohaan has been making massive waves overseas as well as here in the states with his impressive set of production skills. Tracks like “I Can’t” and “Something In The Green” perfectly depict his abilities to create moving and hard-hitting drum and bass bangers. After the release of his debut LP Bleach in 2020, things only continued to blossom for the tastemaker.

Rohaan has continued to impress with each and every release, gaining recognition from UKF as one of their top 20 artists of 2020. All of that aside, he’s without a doubt a star amongst DnB fans, and each of his tunes highlights his versatility amongst the beloved genre.

Now, he’s back with his latest release, “Musket” with the infamous grime stylings of the legendary MC Flowdan, out via HARD Recs. Here’s what Rohaan had to say about the collosal new collab:

I started this track a year ago, and it was originally named ‘Daffodils.’ It’s taken many forms since then. I’ve played it in every set of mine in the UK, across Europe, and America. I had no idea it would become what it is today. When I was first sent back the main verse, I lost my mind. That was it, track done! I can’t think of a better final version than this, with the man himself, Flowdan. – Rohaan

“Musket” wastes no time getting right into the thick of it, quickly dropping into an array of smooth rollers and delicate, yet heavy breaks. Mix that in with the unmatched and iconic vocals of Flowdan and you have a saucy drum and bass tune. Around the halfway mark, listeners are given a moment to catch their breaths until the next section comes in, switching things up just a little with a few different elements perfectly placed throughout.

Rohaan and Flowdan have certainly made magic together, and “Musket” is set to be one of summer’s hottest Drum and Bass releases.

Make sure to keep Rohaan on your radar, so you don’t miss anything this star releases over the course of 2023. But for now, make sure to stream “Musket” below as well as on your preferred music platform. Feeling the track? Let us know what you thought of this new DnB heater down in the comments!

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