For those who have not yet heard the name FABDOT, it’s time to make some changes. He’s found a sound unique to himself and has been gaining copious amounts of traction and attention because of that. With an arsenal of releases already under his belt with labels like Elemental Arts, High Vibration Audio, and mixes with TheWiddfam, Visionary Labs, and more, it’s clear this tastemaker has found his calling. Now, FABDOT is back with his latest release, a two-track EP titled Feeling Woozy, out via Rewind140.

Feeling Woozy is the perfect balance of frequencies, with wobbly basslines, and those unique dubstep elements we each crave so much. Each track is vastly different, yet with subtle similarities that make you want to bob up and down to the melody. FABDOT has grown so much as an artist and each release highlights something new in his production skills and style.

The title track, “Feeling Woozy,” gets things started with a deep, riveting groove, while “Technique” has an almost lighter feel to it, yet is still consistent with the low-end bouncy rhythm. Each track is sure to set the dance floor aflame and have attendees moving to those sweet dubstep melodies.

FABDOT has been experimenting in new areas of production, and this Feeling Woozy EP reflects the new techniques as well as some bumpy roads that were faced along the way. Here is what he had to say about making this project:

“This EP is special in its own way for a few reasons. About two years or so ago I started buying analog synthesizers and ever since then, I’ve been incorporating them into my productions. Feeling Woozy in particular was made mainly with my Korg Monologue. A year ago I finished up a version and then my Mac had crashed and I lost all my projects, samples, everything (hence the name Feeling Woozy) It was devastating but I still wanted to finish this track specifically. So I did everything I could to patch it up and master it after digging for backup files and recorded samples on my external hard drives and today we have the final product of that. Combine that with the newly finished ‘Technique’ where I incorporate newly learned techniques that I use in my productions, it’s more of a flip side of the coin type of thing. I believe music and what it entails is a mixture of innovation, imperfection, and preservation and that’s what this EP is all about.” – FABDOT

Even when faced with difficulties along the way, FABDOT came out on top and produced an amazing two-track EP that signifies growth, new ways to look at things, and the artistry he’s developing. Listen to the EP below, and if you’re in the Denver area, don’t miss out on a chance to catch him throwing down at The Black Box on Tuesday, April 18th for The Widdfam takeover, alongside Lita Lotus and JABBS.

What did you think of the Feeling Woozy EP? Let us know down below in the comments!

Featured Photo: D’Haeze Photography

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