One of the leading ladies of electronic music, CloZee returns to continue on her upward trajectory, bringing fans yet another masterful musical compilation. She has had a number of releases this year, though this marks the first full-length project since the debut of her 2020 album Neon Jungle. Speaking of, CloZee is taking to the road soon on her Neon Jungle tour with a group of phenomenal support artists consisting of Mersiv, Of the Trees, Wreckno, and Tripp St. Tickets are available here, this nationwide tour is sure to be one for the books.

Her new EP, titled “Nouvelle Era”, provides a rebirth of sound for this powerhouse bass artist. CloZee has formulated a unique and distinctly loved sound that has resonated with hearts and crowds across the globe. This new work builds upon that foundation yet draws from the supremely emotional year and a half that the world endured together to create an emotive musical journey.

The first track “Jellyfish” swims through listeners’ ears with purposeful movement, powered by ethereal synths and twinkling accents. Delving into the deep topics, “Hold On” delivers an empowering message of persevering through a difficult time, as we all went through over the past year or so. CloZee speaks to this sentiment regarding the whole project:

“We all went through some very difficult times. We still do. This is by far the most therapeutic project I’ve put out so far. Going through the longest writer’s block of my life was no joke, as music is normally my escape. I was extremely slow, but I somehow could pull it through and share those 6 new songs with you” – CloZee

The title track, “Nouvelle Era”, brings the heat in a slow but intentional way, powered by gritty synthy bass complimented by a rising melody. The track truly evokes feelings of regeneration and a new beginning. It has a classic CloZee quality to it that we all know and love, creating an uplifting soundscape and inspiring hearts towards the future. “Farewell” features up and comer and HIHF favorite Jason Leech and twinkles through listeners’ ears with a building melody with a marimba sound quality.

The second to last track, “Brave”, combines a number of interesting stylistic elements with an arid flute theme, and “Falling in Love” ends this collection on a high note, featuring a beautiful synth journey akin to the rollercoaster of love. As the single released preceding the full release, it provided a delectable taste of this mouthwatering EP. As always, the queen never disappoints.

Did you love this EP as much as we did? Let us know in the comments below and on social media! We hope to see you at CloZee’s Neon Jungle tour!

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