Ren Zukii follows up her impressive debut EP, Monarch, with Temperaments, a moody and varied collection of tracks off of Liquid Stranger’sWakaan.” This artist is clearly not afraid to spread out her tribal-infused rhythms in new directions, and this EP includes many different styles of music, sure to please fans of any bass-heavy genre. She wrote most of these pieces while “spending a lot of time alone on my laptop in a shack in the south coast of Western Australia. What I enjoyed about this is that I was able to really experiment ideas that came to me without any internal or external criticism. The only inspiration being my environment around me. It allowed me to push my boundaries. Each track tells a different story of what and how I was feeling at the time.” 

Eyes Half Shut” delivers a sense of introspective solitude enveloped in a thoroughly addicting groove. A synthy pluck fills the pocket where natural hand percussion would sit while a gritty bassline alternates between rolling and stuttering through each measure. The vocals are pretty irresistible in this one, serving the ethereal and tribal energy well. 

Mortem” has a darker energy to it with a knocky halftime beat and exotic melody. Every element is tight and precise, catching your ear at the perfect moment in between each sound. The interplay between the melody and bassline makes this one feel very fast despite its slower tempo.

In contrast, Ren Zukii speeds things up with a hard-hitting drum and bass track, “Reason.” The build for this one serves as a call to arms with an aggressive four-to-the-floor rhythm that releases into a chaotic and fast break. It’s rare to hear chopped breaks that allude to jungle in heavier bass music and it adds a refreshing sound to the mix here. 

The relationship between halftime and DnB is unmistakable, and you can feel that relationship being explored deliberately moving from “Reason” to the final track off this EP “Sanction.” The first drop is a bouncy halftime thing with a brilliant sustained bass-top every other measure. The first half of this track feels like the headliner just came on at a festival and blew everyone’s face off. The second half follows through by doubling up the tempo into another great, and more elated, DnB drop. This track serves to conclude the EP on a higher note while still incorporating darker bass sounds.

Both EPs, Monarch, and Temperaments codify Ren Zukii as one of the most promising up-and-comers I’ve heard all year, do not sleep on these dope releases. She’s already supporting headlining acts so keep an eye out next year for what’s next from this young talent!

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