Canterbury, UK-based MPH burst onto the scene employing classic UK garage breaks and groovy basslines. His debut album, 132.00 FM on AC Slater‘s imprint Night Bass might very well be his best work to date, showcasing incredible sampling and songwriting sure to get your feet moving. For the record’s final track, MPH teams up with longtime collaborator and friend Hamdi, who’s amassed a large following after the acclaimed festival-favorite single“Skanka” went globally viral in 2022.

MPH continues to showcase his versatility. He recently released smooth UKG tracks on Nuvolve and Kiwi Rekords and bassline smashers on Night Bass and Spinnin’ Records.

“MPH” could not be a more fitting monicker for this rising bass talent, as he cites cars and driving as huge influences on his sound.

“132.00 FM is a seamless listening experience taking you on a journey inspired by driving through the night into the early morning,” he said. This is very evident in the album’s pacing as the first few tracks after the intro are club-ready bass house bangers before shifting to soulful, smooth garage.


“-Sunset-“ is a gorgeous scene-setter for the album. Its ambient harmonies eventually give way to a subdued garage beat as the pace picks up. The LP’s second single “Doubt,” is next, continuing the melody from “Sunset” while adding a crisp bassline, rave stabs, and house beat. The dichotomy between the album’s first two tracks showcases how well MPH blends these signature sounds. This track is dripping in nostalgia and is an excellent new-school take on some old-school sounds; the same can be said for much of the record. “Ghost” builds on the sound established in “Doubt,” settling more into a club-ready bass house feel.

For the album’s lead single “Rush,” MPH tags vocalist Cecelia for a track that masterfully walks the line between bass house and UKG. Cecelia’s beautiful vocals mix wonderfully with MPH’s background melodies as a two-step beat builds to the drop. The bassline opts for a melodic arrangement rather than the bass-heavy synth leads found in “Doubt” and “Ghost.”


Starting at “-Sunrise-,” the album switches its style from club smashers to heady, deep garage. “-Sunrise-” itself utilizes nostalgic vocal chops and a soft bassline melody to create the feeling of seeing a sunrise after a long night’s drive. This track is smooth like new pavement on the open road and contemplative like the sunrise. “California” is one of my favorites from the record, employing a melody similar to “-Sunrise-“ while going from a four-on-the-floor beat to a breakbeat.

Finally, “R&R” with Hamdi is the perfect conclusion for this LP. MPH and Hamdi employ incredibly crisp percussion and a mellow, jazzy background melody. “Round and round it goes,” sings the vocalist, representing the musical loop the album creates and also the eternal perpetuity of time and space. Round and round we go, sunset and sunrise.

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Featured photo from Leo Lightfoot

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