Tripp St. has graced the electronic music world again with a new five-track EP, “The Rose, released this past Friday on SSKWAN, WAKAAN’s downtempo sister label. This EP comes off the buzz of his Gallery of Sound” EP released on WAKAAN earlier this year. The anonymous producer only started releasing music in 2020 and already has dropped a multitude of EPs, SoundCloud mixes, and two transcendent full-length albums, as well as releases on CloZee’s label, Odyzey. Tripp St. proves a consistent dedication to growing and evolving his project and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve for us throughout the rest of the year.

Tripp St. has a talent for cultivating ambient, soulful bass music with some glitchy bass sprinkled in that flows effortlessly. “The Rose”  takes on all of those soundscapes in the downtempo fashion that makes for light and easy listening, something we’ve come to love from the Tripp St. project.

Tripp St. decided on the name “The Rose” to honor his favorite Tupac poem. Here’s why:

 “The EP title is inspired by one of my personal favorites, Tupac’s poem ‘The Rose that Grew From Concrete.’ It’s something inspirational that holds a lot of meaning to me, and I think about his words a lot when I’m trying to accomplish something, including this EP.” – Tripp St.

The first track, “Enlighten”, is airy, whimsical, and dreamy. It’s the perfect opening track to guide us into the magical soundscape that Tripp St. is an expert at crafting. Lush vocals repeat themselves and light glitchy bass is brought in toward the second half of the song. It’s an undeniable vibe.

Check out what Tripp St. had to say about “Enlighten”:

 “’ Enlighten” is a track I made after attending Envision in Costa Rica at the beginning of the year. I spent the festival surrounded by peers, friends, and artistic mentors, listening and playing out music that reinvigorated me. The entire experience just sparked something in me that came to fruition immediately afterwards, and I think it’s really relatable for people to feel enlightened in the same way I did after leaving such a profound experience.” – Tripp St. 

Next up, we have “Envision,” a mysterious and captivating tune with an epic build-up of synths and drops into a heavier wave of bass. It has an entrancing flow and the perfect balance of light and dark.

“Something Like” is a groovy and funky bop. This bouncy creation showcases a wobbly bass, soft buildups, and a tempo that’s guaranteed to have you and your squad getting down whenever this comes on shuffle.

The fourth track on the EP is “Waddle.” The beginning is flowing with soothing synths which seamlessly lead us into a drop of wubby, wonky bass. Its glitchy elements bring excitement but the track stays at a more downtempo feel to present that solid mix of both.

To close out the EP we’ve got “Air,” a smooth ending to this new chapter in the journey we’ve embarked on with Tripp St. The synths connect effortlessly, the angelic vocals coast in and out, and the bass provides stable support as the project comes to an end.;

Tripp St. has impressed us once again with “The Rose”  and we can’t wait to flow to these new tracks all summer long. Tripp St.’s talent knows no bounds on his newest EP release and we’re loving his exploration of sound.

You can catch Tripp St. at Cascade Equinox Festival this September 22nd-24th in Redmond, Oregon alongside Pretty Lights, Goose, Big Wild, and more.

What do you think of the newest EP from Tripp St.? Let us know what your favorite track is below in the comments!

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