Anderson Gallegos, better known as Mersiv, is back with his sophomore album “Out Of Bounds” via his own Morflo Records. It’s been two years since his “Pretty Dark Loud” LP, which set the bar so high. However, unsurprisingly, that bar has been raised once again. With the new body of work, Mersiv continues to innovate and develop his signature sound. An eclectic blend of high-energy bangers and more ethereal, downtempo ballads, “Out Of Bounds” delivers on all fronts.

Featuring collaborations with rising stars like Wreckno, PROBCAUSE, Saint Sinner, HEYZ, and INZO, “Out Of Bounds” is stacked with talent. The front half of the LP has undeniably high energy. It includes everything from sassy hip-hop-influenced bangers like “Bounce (Ft. Wreckno)” to insane dancefloor destroyers like “Ultra Instinct” and showcases the development of Mersiv’s cosmic sound design.

The back half of “Out Of Bounds” switches up the energy by dishing out psychedelic and delicate downtempo flavors. We love to see an artist with a diverse sound and Mersiv embodies this perfectly, remaining distinctly himself across different tempos and energy levels. “Metagalactic Bloom” with INZO has to be one of our favorites in this half of the LP, as it’s a perfect blend of these two unique producers’ distinct styles.

Do you know what pairs nicely with an album of this caliber? That’s right, an ambitious nationwide headline tour.

In classic Mersiv fashion, the “Out Of Bounds” tour will be an experience like no other, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come. He’s bringing top talent with him, with special guests like Minnesota, Buku, Tripp St., and Wreckno on select stops as well as support from HeardItHereFirst favorites like Deadcrow, Raaket, Jon Casey, Tape B, and more. Make sure to catch Mersiv on socials to stay up to date with the tour, because you’re not going to want to miss this one, between the album AND the support.

Did you enjoy Mersiv’s “Out Of Bounds” album as much as we did? Let us know your favorite tracks down in the comments below.

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