KUREI, sebjin, GURF, and L*o*J all on one compilation album? Of course, we FUXWITHIT. Champions Of The Underground is the first volume from the hip-hop-influenced, bass-heavy blog and newly-founded record label, FUXWITHIT, that we have genuinely cherished to watch sprout and blossom into something vibrant and wonderful.

Electronic trap is alive, has been alive, and will always be alive. FUXWITHIT recaps this on the daily.

Champions Of The Underground reminds us that not only is electronic trap and bass still relevant in the scene, but it’s the most innovative and organic amongst the underground. FUXWITHIT has all the resources when it comes to finding new and progressive artists in the realm of future beats and bass. We’re thankful they supplied us with thirteen tracks to get familiar with.

Here’s some words from Colin Vlasak, the FUXWITHIT founder, on how the compilation came to be:

“‘This compilation was meticulously curated to showcase our favorite artists. We didn’t do open submissions, every artist and song was hand-selected. These producers represent the future of trap, bass music, and future beats. The project spans a wide array of sounds and styles while staying true to the core of what FUXWITHIT is known for. You’re sure to see some familiar faces and discover many new favorites. These are the Champions Of The Underground

– Colin Vlasak, FUXWITHIT Founder


  1. Golden Child x Kazantzakis – Elevated
  3. KUREI – Quartz
  4. dope – Hypnotic
  5. DROPWIZZ – Gulag
  6. Lenny x SL!DE – Oasis
  7. BAGG x GALAZY – Repeat
  8. Gurf – Big Pizzo
  9. Haan808 – Main Phase
  10. Borny – Skywalker
  11. L*o*J – Sunken
  12. sebjin – Rights
  13. Hontis x Zodiaque – Extinguish

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